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ISE evolution cut away diagram
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ise badger 5 dimentions
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Click on each model below to download the spec sheet
ISE Evolution Excel
ISE Evolution Septic Assist
(diagram below)
ISE Evolution Essential
ISE Evolution Cover Control
ISE Evolution Compact
Click on each model below to download the spec sheet
Downloadable documents
and instructions:

This is pretty self explanatory. The column of disposals on the left are the high-end Evolution models and the column on the right are the more economical Badger models.

Simply click on the individual models to download their spec sheets.

For Insinkerator parts I'd have to offer a book so for the purposes of my website, I'm just including a couple of the more popular product owner  manuals (one for each series).

Parts in both series are fairly similar as far as identification needs go. If you require more specifics, visit the manufacturer's website or any of the resources below. 

Product Owner Manuals:

ISE Evolution Essential

ISE Badger 5
ISE Badger 1
ISE Badger 5XP
ISE Badger 5
Note: Soon I'll be adding data on the Insinkerator Insti-Hot instant hot water dispensers so check back again...

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